Lake Magadi and Shompole Conservancy are located in southern Kenya, around 2-3 hours drive from Nairobi, close to the the border of Tanzania. On route you will pass by the Olorgesailie pre-historic site museum which is worth a short stop over.

We love this area of Kenya, it is very unique, scorchingly hot but beautiful and full of adventure and unknowns!

Lake Magadi is a salt lake and Tata Chemicals have a factory on the lake shore to process the soda ash. The salt content makes the lake very still and almost mirror like. There are hot springs within Magadi conservancy where the waters reach 45 degrees and are said to have healing properties on the body. If you go inside you need to drink a lot of water because of the effects of the the temperature and salt on the body!

Here you will also find the the Lake Magadi Sports club where you can get a good local lunch, some cold beers, a swim in their pool or a cold shower!

Located close by at the base of the Ngurumani escarpment is the privately managed Shompole Conservancy covering 35,000 acres. Here it is possible to make camp on the Ewaso Ngiro River and do some game drives in the conservancy, early morning and late afternoon are the best times due to the heat.

It’s also possible to hike up part of the Nguruman escarpment to the waterfalls if you are up for hiking in the heat!

From here if you like real adventure and to travel where there is no road, it’s possible to drive along the base of the Nguruman escarpment, through Mosiro, until you arrive to the main road on the other side close to Narok! Here you will find local villagers run away because they are not used to seeing vehicles people driving through this route and it’s often necessary to walk along the ‘road’ removing rocks from the path for the vehicle to pass!

If you are interested to make a visit to this largely unexplored area of Kenya feel free to contact us and we’ll take you there!






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