Lots of backpackers, overlanders and lower budget travellers feel that they can’t visit Maasai Mara because it is inaccessible and out of their price range…….


It’s true there are literally hundreds of luxury outfitted camps and lodges in the Mara charging megabucks, but we set up in 2011 with the specific aim of cutting all the unnecessary luxuries and providing just those essential things you need when travelling such as a comfortable bed, hot showers and good food along side doing our best to provide amazing guides and game drives.

There are actually LOADS of blogs about how to reach Maasai Mara via public transport and how to visit Maasai Mara on a budget.¬†Below are links to several of them, so we don’t need to write another one! All of these bloggers also happen to have stayed at our camp, Mara Explorers, over the last few years! Some of them might have slightly outdated information so we recommend checking back to our rates and location pages if you are planning an independent budget trip to visit us because we do our best to keep our rates and also the latest public transport information updated on our website.

After checking through the following blogs and vlog links you should have a pretty good grasp of reaching the Masai Mara on public transport and covering the Maasai Mara on a budget!










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