After a visit to Ole Keene Primary School in 2012 Mara Explorers began sponsoring our first student, Sarah Koshal. Since then we have been connected with many students who without financial assistance would have been unable to continue with their education, some of whom have now completed high school and are moving forward with their working life or further education.

Primary school runs for eight years in Kenya followed by High School for a further four year or a polytechnic college is another option. Beyond high school there are various universities and college courses available depending on the particular student if they have an interest in further studies.

This year we have five sponsored students in high school, three in primary school, one in a polytechnic college, one in college studying business and one in a special school for the deaf!

Below you can read about which students we currently have sponsored by and through Mara Explorers in 2018.

Sarah Koshal - Sarah is now in Class 7 at Siana Boarding Primary School and has been sponsored since 2012. She was rescued from an early marriage aged 11 after her father arranged her dowry payment and she ran away to Ole Keene Primary School for help. Her father was initially arrested and for her safety at the time we decided to transfer her to a boarding school a bit further from home however her family are now happy she is in school. Initially sponsored by Mara Explorers, since 2016 she has been fully sponsored by Brigitte, a Rotel overland passenger who lives in Austria.


Edward Lempoyio - After growing up in various villages surrounding our camp and dropping out of Ole Keene Primary School due to lack of fees aged 15, Edward made the decision to try and raise school fees for himself by coming to us to ask for night security work in 2013. He his one of 9 children being brought up by his mother alone after he father moved away from the area. After seeing his commitment to work and education we opted to sponsor Edward through the remaining five years of his primary education and in return he has always helped us out in the camp during his school holidays. Edward completed primary school in 2017 and is now enrolled at Narok Polytechnic College in Narok studying a two year course in Electrics and Wiring. Edward is fully sponsored by Mara Explorers with funds raised through our camp gift shop.


Ronald Ngetich - Ronald is now in his third year at Kaplong Boys High School in Sotik. After his mother died when he was in primary school he lost hope of being able to go to high school but our long term taxi driver Peter asked us if we might be able to help as he is such a bright boy. Ronald is partially sponsored by couple Brook & Will from the UK and his funds are topped up by sales profits from our camp gift shop.

Ann Lemurt - One of our previous guests Lindsey, a teacher, has visited us three times and volunteered in Ole Keene Primary School for several weeks. She followed up on how Ann was getting on after completing primary school in 2016 and asked whether she had an interest to go to High School. Ann was amongst the first few students to sit KCPEs at Ole Keene Primary School at the end of 2015 when the first students reached class 8. We sought Ann out and found she had scored over 300 marks in her exams which was a great achievement coming from a small understaffed and underfunded school like Ole Keene. She later brought us an acceptance letter from a good private school in Gilgil near Nakuru and Lindsey immediately set about raising the first years fees required which she achieved in just 4 days! Fully sponsored by Lindsey, Ann is now in her third year in Springs High School and is adapting well to life outside of Maasai Mara, currently maintaining a B grade in all her end of term exams and she would like to be a nurse eventually.

Milton Morera – We were asked if we could assist Milton after his mother died and his family could only afford to send him to a small underfunded village school and yet he had been granted a place at Father Ntaiyia Jubilee Boarding Primary School in Narok. The Halsall family from England were happy to cover his school fees to enable him to go to the better school where he is currently in class 5. His personal shopping items for school and travel expenses in the holidays are covered by Mara Explorers.

Milton 2017

Susana Kasoe - Susana completed Sekenani Primary School in 2014 with very promising marks of over 300. She is now in her final year at St Mary’s Girls High School in Narok and is fully sponsored for all four years at High School by Pauline from Australia.

Sylvia Lesaloi - Sylvia completed Sekenani Primary School in 2014 with very promising marks of over 300. Initially sponsored by Mara Explorers after her teacher from Sekenani begged us for help, she is now in her final year at St Mary’s Girls High School in Narok and her school fees are covered by Juliet & Bernie, a couple from Australia and her personal shopping and travel expenses to come home in the holidays are covered by Mara Explorers. This year Juliet is coming to Kenya and will be meeting Sylvia in school in Narok during her trip.


Pianto Tanin – Pianto was brought to our attention in 2016, she was enrolled in Kedowa Special Primary School for the deaf however after the death of her father her family were unable to afford to pay her school fees. Pianto was born deaf but is very bright and has visited our camp in her holidays and has no problems interacting with a wide variety of people. Her school fees are now fully covered by the Cull family from England and we have visited her mother and siblings in the Mosiro area of Kenya where she is from and has a very happy home life.


Benard Sanaet – Benard has grown up in Ole Keene and after primary school in 2013 his family did not have fees for his high school education. One of our regular clients, a tour leader with Rotel, offered to cover all of his high school costs and he completed Olololunga High School in 2017. She is now continuing to cover his further college education and he is currently studying Business at Kenya Institute of Management in Narok.

Lauren Pesi - Lauren’s father sadly died in 2015 after a long career in the Kenya Wildlife Service and he was a good family friend of ours who lived in his village near Sekenani. We heard in 2017 Lauren had been forced to drop out of school due to lack of fees and we made a promise to try and get her back. With donations raised by one of our camp guests Sophie and her mum Judith we have paid Lauren fees to the end of 2018 and she is currently in class 7 at Excel Vision Academy in Sotik.

Felista Letoya - Felista’s father has four wives and cannot afford school fees for all his children however Felista is extremely bright. She had been in and out of school for lack of fees but is now in her final fully paid up year at Ole Tipis Girls High School in Narok and finished her third year with a mean grade of B+. Felister’s fees this year have been covered by donations from guests Sophie, Judith and Nathan.