It’s been 5 years since we last visited Suswa Conservancy and, after years of planning a return, we finally made it!

This time we didn’t enter via the dusty roads close to Suswa town on the Mai Mahiu side of the conservancy, instead we opted to enter via the west side of the conservancy and we soon found ourselves at one of the most stunning campsites we’ve ever been to!



After setting up camp and making a start on dinner we were joined by the conservancy manager and the leader of the guides association who passed through camp to check on us and collect our camping and conservancy fees. We quickly agreed to do a hike with the guide at 7am the following morning to the second peak, not the highest first peak, as we had time limitations and we were told the highest peak takes around 4 hours but the second highest takes 2 hours.

After a quiet night on the rim with some Rock Hyrax and Bush Babies for company, 7am found us climbing up rocks and hiking steep inclines as we pushed our way to the second peak! Bearing in mind we had opted to have only tea and return for breakfast after the hike, this was no easy feat! We were thankful for the smaller peaks on the route up where we had the opportunity to take a break and enjoy the views.

When we finally reached to peak the clouds had come down and we found ourselves above them which was an amazing experience and we also had stunning views to the south west along the Nguruman escarpment. After a photo stop an an opportunity to catch up on phone network which we had missed at the lower campsite, we made our way back down, a much faster task than the climb up!

Unfortunately this stay was just a one night stop so on return to camp we had breakfast and packed up before our guide took us to fill up our water cans. This is where we came to encounter the rough roads and extreme dust we remembered from our earlier visit 5 years ago! The journey was worth it though as we got to visit the water catchment areas where the underground steam vents are captured in pipes on a larger scale than we had seen last time.

This was a great experience and we can’t wait to go back!

The campsite on the rim can mostly be classified as a bush campsite. There are some rather dilapidated shades and long drop toilets around 500 mtrs away from the rim but if you camp there you will lose the views. There is also very little fire wood around so you should carry your own! To access the inner rim you need to climb dirt roads up and over the outer rim where it is not a dusty as the Suswa side but you still definitely require a good 4×4 :)

If you would like to join us on a Suswa safari where you can camp, hike, visit bat caves, baboons and steam vents don’t hesitate to contact us!

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