At Mara Explorers we have a small invaluable team who work tirelessly both in front and behind the scenes to make your stay and safari experience a success! Below you will find some of our key faces who you are likely to see during your stay.

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Dan joined our team in March 2019 with seven years experience in the hospitality industry after completing a certificate in Food & Beverage Service in 2012 at Amboseli Institute in Nairobi. His previous work experience has all been in the Maasai Mara and Narok so it's an area he is very familiar with!


Born and bred in the Ole Keene village of Maasai Mara, Stanley first joined our team full time as a kitchen steward after finishing high school in 2017. After showing an interest in food preparation and baking he went on to complete basic and advanced cooking courses at Lakuku, one of Nairobi's leading private cooking schools, and we hope he can be a role model to other young Maasai.

P1020638Geoffrey Narok is from the Maji Moto area of Maasai Mara but has grown up in the village of Ole Keene and we have known him since we began Mara Explorers. He completed high school before going to study Human Resources Management in college and then worked in housekeeping at a large high end tented camp inside the Maasai Mara for several years. Always smiling, Geoffrey joined our team in September 2016 as a driver guide and is now KPSGA Bronze qualified. Geoffrey has also been trained by St John Ambulance, completed a 4x4 driving course with Glen Edmunds and a tour guiding course in Nairobi's Utalii College. He is currently aiming towards obtaining his KPSGA Silver qualification and in future would like to drive and guide throughout Kenya, not only in the Maasai Mara.
14141580_584144591765165_218997271249836750_n Mike Narok was born and bred in our neighbouring village of Ole Keene, Maasai Mara. He is one of the few local villagers of his generation to have finished high school and he joined our team as a local guide full time in July 2016. Since joining our team Mike completed his driving course, is now a KPSGA Bronze qualified guide and has completed a tour guiding course in Nairobi's Utalii College. He is also trained in first aid by St John Ambulance and he regularly guides on safaris all over Kenya, not just in the Maasai Mara.  
21366821_116081362425039_7630953590560144055_o A very popular member of our team, Kennedy has worked on a freelance basis for Mara Explorers since our very beginning in 2011 and joined us full time in July 2017. He has grown up in the Sekenani area of Maasai Mara and his family are neighbours to our camp. He has completed High School, has extensive driving experience in the Maasai Mara and is currently working towards obtaining his KPSGA Bronze qualification. He was also recently trained in first aid by St John Ambulance. He is one of our most enthusiastic photographers and often takes the camp camera out on his game drives!

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Simon joined our team in May 2017. A KPSGA Bronze guide he has over 20 years experience of Kenya camping and accommodated safaris and has recently completed a field guiding course with the Preston University. Although a specialist of Maasai Mara there are not many places in Kenya Simon isn't familiar with!

Peter is our all round driver guide from Nairobi with a diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration from Nairobi Aviation College. He joined our team in May 2017 and has since gained his KPSGA Bronze qualification and been trained in First Aid by St John Ambulance. A lovely member of our team, he is always very popular with our clients and everyone at camp and he can be found all over Kenya, not just in the Maasai Mara!


Our doggie team started with the arrival of two KSPCA rescue dogs Daisy and Dik-Dik who are brother and sister, they were rescued from near Naivasha in 2013. Daisy went on to have five puppies, Snowman, Blackie, Porky, Freezer and Doa-Doa who we couldn't bring ourselves to re-home after seeing them grow up. Now all neutered so we won't be having anymore, they maintain camp security and entertainment!