The Grand Comeback

It’s been a hot minute – actually, more like three years – since Wascana Pool took a breather in 2019. But guess what? The wait is over, and Regina is in for a treat. The pool is not just reopening; it’s making a comeback with a whole new vibe and facilities that scream fun and inclusivity.

Dive In, Dive Often

Bobbie Selinger, the big shot in charge of community and rec programs in Regina, is dishing out the deets. Get ready for specialty swims, adapted swims (whatever that means), toonie swims for teens (yes, it’s only two bucks), and family swims for just five bucks. Oh, and don’t worry, the free swims on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings are still a thing – gotta keep that tradition alive!

New Toys at Wascana Pool

Hold on to your floaties because the upgraded pool is packing a punch. Waterslides, a chill beach entry pool, a lazy river for lazy days, a lap pool for the fitness freaks, a diving tank for the daredevils, a hot tub for the chillaxers, and even a climbing wall for the adrenaline junkies. And hey, if you need a breather, there’s a playground and spray pad waiting outside.

Everyone’s Invited to the Party

In the spirit of being cool to everyone, the Wascana Pool got a glow-up for accessibility. Zero-depth entry options, gender-neutral bathrooms that are top-notch, easy-to-use side-by-side slides, and even braille markings and tactile maps for those who need ’em – it’s all about making sure everyone feels the pool party vibes.

Eric de Waal, the guy overseeing the project, says they’ve thought of everything. “Ramps in all the pools, a low fence around the playground, and even braille where you least expect it.”

Green Vibes and Artsy Flair

Regina is all about going green. The new pool is eco-friendly with a regenerative water filtration system, a super-efficient water heating plant, solar panels shining bright, and Regina’s first-ever recirculating spray pad – talk about sustainability goals! Plus, they teamed up with local talents like Larissa Kitchemonia, an artist from the Key First Nation, who brought her A-game designing the entrance gate.

How Much Fun Costs

All this awesomeness comes with a price tag – $16.4 million to be exact. But hold on, the Government of Saskatchewan chipped in a sweet $12 million through the Municipal Economic Enhancement program. Regina City took care of the rest.

Future Plans: Elevator to the Slide

If you’re stoked about the water slide but have some mobility concerns, fear not! The city council is installing an elevator soon, making sure everyone can ride the waves.

Admission Intel

Now, the deets you’ve been waiting for – it’s $15 for the whole fam to dive in, and adults can make a splash for just $7.

So, gear up for a splash-tastic time at the revamped Wascana Pool. It’s where the fun, inclusivity, and green vibes collide for an epic summer adventure! 🌊🌞

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